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T-shirts are currently popular fashion elements

T-shirts are currently popular fashion elements. They are casual, simple and cheap. They are sought after by the public. So how many brands of T-shirts are on the market, and when friends gather and eat, stains drip onto clothes. How to clean them?

1. Turn the T-shirt over before washing, so that the beautiful patterns will not be damaged during washing.

2. Wash by hand, gently, don’t use force,

3. Don’t dry the T-shirt directly, turn it over inside to dry. This can prevent the clothes from tarnishing, and the clothes will turn yellow and harden

4. The dark colored T-shirt can be soaked in salt water for 1~2 hours when it is washed for the first time, which can prevent the clothes from discoloring

5. Set the shape of the T-shirt when drying, so you don’t need to burn it.

6. Do not wash T-shirts with other dark clothes, so as not to cause the clothes to fade, cross color,

7. Do not high temperature, and the water temperature of the cotton T-shirt should not exceed 30 degrees, so as not to accelerate the aging and fall off of the printing. Tips for washing leisure sports shirts 1. Good alkali and heat resistance.

How to wash stretch T-shirts?

Elastic T-shirts should not be ironed at high temperature to prevent damage to the elasticity of the fabric; do not drift, which will damage the elasticity of the fabric; some elastic T-shirts are woven with core-spun yarn, the yarn is fluffy, and the cloth surface is more plush. Be careful not to overdo it when washing It is heavy to prevent excessive fluffing; elastic T-shirts cannot be exposed to the sun to prevent damage to the elasticity of the fabric.

Generally speaking, when washing T-shirts, try not to machine wash them, as this will affect the printing and fabric elasticity. In addition, it is best to dry them on the reverse side to prevent the printed patterns from discoloring.


Post time: Oct-09-2020