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Sublimation printing process

What is the sublimation printing process

Sublimation transfer printing first uses printing to print special printing dyes on transfer paper, and then heats and presses to transfer the dyes to the fabric. Specifically, it is based on the sublimation characteristics of disperse dyes, select disperse dyes with a sublimation temperature range of 180~240℃, and mix it with the slurry to make color inks. According to different patterns and pattern requirements, Ep~J, The color ink is printed on the transfer paper, the pattern and pattern printed transfer paper are in close contact with the fabric, and the dye is transferred from the printing paper to the fabric after processing on a transfer printing machine at 200~230℃ for 10~30s. After diffusion, it enters the interior of the fabric to achieve the purpose of coloring. In the process of heating and sublimation, in order to enable the dye to diffuse directionally, a vacuum is often drawn on the side under the bottom of the dyed material to achieve directional diffusion and transfer of the dye and improve the transfer quality.

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Advantages of T-shirt custom sublimation process: good printing effect

When the T-shirt customization requirements are relatively strict, the dye sublimation process is a good choice. The fabric printed by the dye sublimation transfer technology has fine patterns, bright colors, rich and clear layers, high artistry, and strong three-dimensional feeling. It is difficult to print with general methods, and can print photography and painting style patterns.

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Advantages of T-shirt custom sublimation process: the printed product feels soft and has a long service life.

 The biggest feature of dye sublimation transfer is that the dye can diffuse into polyester or fiber, and the printed product feels very soft and comfortable, and there is basically no ink layer. In addition, because the ink is already dried during the transfer process, the life of the image is as long as the life of the clothing itself, and there will be no wear and tear of printed graphics, which will affect the beauty of the fabric.

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