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In recent years, growth in China’s homegrown clothing industry has slowed and traditional brands have aged………

In recent years, growth in China’s homegrown clothing industry has slowed and traditional brands have aged, while emerging brands are mostly in their early stages of growth. At the same time, many international brands with more experience in R&D, design, sales channels and brand operation are accelerating their expansion into the Chinese market. In addition to first-tier cities, they are also sinking into second and third-tier cities, launching fierce competition with domestic clothing brands and forcing garment enterprises to change in response to the situation.

we summed up the four notable industry points, respectively is:

First,The penetration of bespoke clothing in the Chinese market is relatively low

The business mode of garment manufacturing enterprises in China is mainly divided into production and sales of garments and customization of garments. Most garment manufacturers mainly produce garments of standard models in large quantities. Customized clothing, on the other hand, needs to be tailored according to the individual situation of specific consumers. It is produced individually and based on sales. There is no inventory risk, but the operation scale is small.

Second,There are three types of domestic garment customization enterprises

At present, domestic garment customization enterprises are mainly divided into two categories: first, there are couture studios or designer brands,This kind of garment customization has a long production cycle, a high unit price, a relatively high-end target customer group and a small group range.Followed by some of the clothing brand to develop custom clothing line, mainly for group customers in small batch, relatively low complexity of custom services, such as school uniforms.

Third,The development status of China’s mass clothing customization field

influenced by the consumption level and short development time, although the acceptance of the concept of clothing customization is gradually improving, there is no national brand in the field of mass clothing customization, and the domestic market is still not very mature.

In terms of industry participants, some garment manufacturers have begun to enter the field of mass customization of personalized clothing.The industry has started to carry out clothing mass customization business, and the listed companies that have made certain achievements (or have been listed) mainly

Fourth,The contradiction between data-driven and intelligent production to deal with personalization and scale.


Post time: Oct-09-2020